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pear channel-discover
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pear remote-list -c qubit
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pear install qubit/package_name
Installing a specific version/stability:
pear install qubit/package_name-1.0.0
pear install qubit/package_name-beta
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dcb - Digital Collection Builder

DCB is a fully web-based, open source software tool that makes it simple for libraries, archives, and other heritage organizations to provide access to their unique digitized collections; it brings their collections together with other Canadian online resources for Canadians and the world. The DCB greatly facilitates even the smallest institution's ability to describe its digital content in a structured way so that it can be discovered through the or other search portals. DCB supports multilingual and multi-repository collections.

Install commandpear install qubit/dcb
MaintainersJack Bates (as lead), David Juhasz (as lead), Jesús Garcia Crespo (as lead)
Releases1.2.1 (stable), 1.2.0 (stable), 1.1 (stable), 1.0.9 (beta), (beta), 1.0.8 (beta), 1.0.7 (beta)

icaatom - Open information management toolkit

Access to Memory (AtoM) is a fully web-based toolkit that will allow institutions such as archives, libraries, museums, and art galleries to manage and host collections of information resources. AtoM supports multilingual and multi-repository collections. The goal is to provide an easy-to-use, flexible toolkit that complies with open standards (e.g. Dublin Core, ICA-ISAD, MODS, EAD, METS) and is developed using an open architecture that takes advantage of emerging web-based tools and practices.

Install commandpear install qubit/icaatom
MaintainersDavid Juhasz (as lead), Jesús Garcia Crespo (as lead)
Releases1.3.1 (stable), 1.3.0 (stable), 1.2.1 (stable), 1.2.0 (stable), 1.1 (stable), 1.0.9 (beta), (beta), 1.0.8 (beta), 1.0.7 (beta), 1.0.6 (beta), 1.0.5 (beta), 1.0.4 (beta), 1.0.3 (beta), 1.0.2 (beta), 1.0.1 (beta)

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